Slawomir Sander (Grzonka)

Waldemar Bangert, Arnd Kielhorn, Florian Rahe, Amos Albert, Peter Biber, Slawomir Grzonka, Sebastian Haug, Andreas Michaels, Daniel Mentrup, Martin Hänsel, Daniel Kinski, Kim Möller, Arno Ruckelshausen, Christian Scholz, Fabian Sellmann, Wolfram Strothmann, and Dieter Trautz

Field-Robot-Based Agriculture: “RemoteFarming.1” and “BoniRob-Apps”

Based on the autonomous field robot BoniRob, which was developed for plant phenotyping, the authors have created an enhanced platform BoniRob (V2). The design of BoniRob (V2) considers two main improvements: At first the robustness for continuous outdoor use is increased and secondly the robot now makes available a reusable platform that can serve for multiple agricultural purposes. The combination of the platform BoniRob (V2) and application modules (“BoniRob-Apps”) is comparable to the classical combination of a tractor and an implement. In order to demonstrate this new concept, the authors have implemented three BoniRob-Apps, which can be integrated in BoniRob (V2) via defined mechanical, electrical and logical interfaces. The research project RemoteFarming.1 goes even beyond the accomplishment of a specific task by a robot and demonstrates the integration of the BoniRob (V2) platform into agricultural processes. For that purpose innovative agricultural engineering is combined with webbased communication technologies. The target is to develop a robotic mechanical weed control system which integrates a human user as remote worker in the process. The robotic weed control system is used for intra row weed treatment in carrots at BBCH-scales 10 to 20 in organic farming. This task is today conducted by hand.


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